At Awaken Chiropractic and Wellness Center, we believe that you deserve MORE out of your body, so that you can get MORE out your life. Each and every one of us has an amazing, innate healing potential inside of us that allows us to effortlessly grow and adapt to our enviornment. By removing interference from the body's master control system (the nervous system), Drs. Jared Lane and Nicole Evans help the body to express that healing potential through a series of very gentle, extremely specific contacts along the spine. This cutting edge form of care, called Network Spinal, helps optimize the nervous system to process stress in a more efficient way so that you and your family can experience sustainable, optimal health. 


When your spine is fully functional, your body has abundant energy and can effortlessly handle and process the challenges that can happen throughout life. Schedule a FREE consultation to find out how our unique approach can help keep you functioning at your absolute best!


Awaken your body’s healing potential through Network Spinal!

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"The shape, position, tension, and tone of your SPINE determines 







If You Learn How to Listen to Your Body When it Whispers, You Won't Have to Hear it Scream 



What is Network Spinal (Analysis)?

A healthy nervous system is important for EVERY member of your family.

Ever since I began to see Jared and Nicole, I’ve gotten serious results in every aspect of my life. My GI issues are on the path to being resolved, I don’t remember the last time I’ve gotten a migraine and my overall wellness has been so great! They’re miracle workers.

-Sami F 

Can’t say enough great things about the docs here! I’ve known them for over 3 years and have seen their dedication to their craft go above and beyond. I’m pretty particular about who adjust myself and my son and they are two of the BEST! I always feel amazing for days following my adjustment, and even better under regular care! You are in good hands at this place!

-Kirsten S

I especially recommend athletes coming to this clinic with Drs. Jared and Nicole’s background in athletics, particularly basketball. They’re astounding with network spinal.

-Chase F

Nicole has given me a second chance at living a normal life pain and drug-free with her chiropractic methods of healing.

-Janet M

I'd choose 6 stars if it were available...Dr. Jared and Dr. Nicole do their job to let the body do the work. When Jared was first explaining network spinal therapy to me, I'll have to admit, I was skeptical. I am one of those classic people that have been trying to cure all sorts of bodily conditions like SIBO, leaky gut, autoimmune conditions, chronic infections, and a whole bunch of random symptoms that would develop on a weekly basis. Dr. Jared explained the science behind the methods that he and Dr. Nicole practice and it made sense. Plus they gave free consultations. I was like "well, nothing else I'm trying is why not?". That is the attitude to undertake when starting this therapy--expect the unexpected. Your body does know what it needs to do to heal, and this therapy facilitates that process. This has been an amazing experience so far, and beneficial education in terms of seeing and embracing the whole being of a person through a new lense of passive release of the things that have caused disease in the body, compared to a controlling perspective of what we think we need to heal. I truly believe that anyone can benefit from this type of therapy. All you need to do is trust the process and go to your appointments. That simple. The body heals itself.
After my first visit, I no longer have food allergies. I do not need to take nearly all of my supplements I thought were necessary. I have become aware of traumatic events my body has stored as tension and have caused me to act in certain ways that are illogical. In time, with continued therapy, my mind and body will be reconnected and I will be free to embrace the person I am and live out my purpose. You can benefit too. Just go and hop on the table.

-Jenny O

Raving Reviews

Our Approach

the shape, position, tension, and tone of your LIFE."

-Dr. Donny Epstein

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I absolutely love it here! The staff is extremely friendly and the chiropractors truly love what they do. They are very good at informing you on treatment plans and how your body is all connected. I had chronic back pain and nothing was working. After going to a few appointments the pain started to go away and it was amazing! I am so thankful to them and love that I get to go there!

-Megan S

Great results and no twisting and cracking!

-Rober E

Jared and Nicole are amazing people and first-class healers. The passion they have for their craft in truly inspiring and energizing to experience, and so far it's had great results for my back pain. No other healing metod has helped me as much as Network Care has so far, and I can't wait to see where it continues to take me.

-Levi K

Come here to heal and learn a lot about yourself and how your body responds to soft yet intentional contact. This place is different from other methods of spine treatment and if you come with an open mind and the willingness to look at things in a different way I am sure you will benefit from the care that they offer and feel so much better about yourself from the inside to the outside! I came with problems in my lower back and hip and am extremely satisfied with the level of care and professionalism that these doctors provide. My life has improved, my thinking has improved and my ability to take on challenges since the pain has gone has greatly improved. Thank you Jared and Nicole! I recommend Awaken to anyone who is in or has had chronic pain. :)

-Andrew T